We started the day with a task. Several tasks. I woke up with so much to do on my plate that I was prepared fully to go back to bed and dream them into reality. That did not happen. I woke up and actually got them done. So what were they, and did I make the best of my waking hours?
1. Record a new song. - I recorded a new song. Again, it's the framework of a song I was working on some time ago, so it wasn't recorded to completion, and the concept was not wholly new. I got the job done, and now I can safely say that my Ode to the Blob, "It Creeps" is coming along nicely. It's kitsch and gushy and mushy and pink and melty. That's the blob. This one has a fun breakdown to boot. 

2. Set up my new tablet - The new blogging tool has been established. I downloaded all of the apps I was looking for. I played with the thing to get used to it as a writing device. I am waiting on the new keyboard, so hopefully that will finalize the process tomorrow. I'm a bit on the OCD side, so I expect random bookmarks in my life. Milestones that I arbitrarily set for myself without reason or necessity. I suppose it is getting the job done here.
3. Listen to some awesome records. I'm throwing this in so that I have something influential hitting my lobes. The two big listens today were Leviathan and Humanoids from the Deep. Yeah I listened to and loved the Death Waltz/Mondo release of Maniac too, but let's stick to the oldies and goodies Leviathan reminded me of Star Trek. I realized that Jerry Goldsmith did the score for both and now when I hear the OST I say "engage". Humanoids from the Deep is so atmospheric. Horner creates perfect rubbber monster movie music even if it doesn't feel like rubber monster movie music.
4. I had a chocolate milkshake. Nothing shocking.
5. I learned how to record using Reason for my weekly song project. I also figured out how to use my midi controller with Reason though I still have some tinkering to do. Big time. I don't know which kit I want to use. I have the recording side down. I have not recorded vocals, guitars or bass (though I can easily play those things). I think some time alone with the device is going to help. I'll get it. 

Now I'm going to focus on getting my schedule for the week down. I know there's no rush, but the sooner I get the skeleton formed I can do all sorts of fun content related to it. Right now I'm watching Pulse. I may have NEVER watched this movie, but it was on the shelf at Long Valley Video when I was a kid. The poster was awesome and on my wall when I was a kid. The Blu-ray I have has that image on it. Very pleased Warner Archive. The movie is pretty good late 80's Horror, and I believe that is one of the ever popular Lawrence boys. Remember when he was in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie? I remember the trailer. I remember loving the flickering power transformer as well. 

Here's a Pulse trailer

and here are some of the posters I remember from my walls:


You start to feel like Doogie Howser on the second day because now there’s a routine to this whole “journal” thing. I can hear the light, happy synth hits as I write. This probably has to stop for my sanity, but let’s embrace it for today and laugh. I watched Doogie when I was a kid. His name was Neil Patrick Harris. I’m James Patrick Harris. There’s a connection. It’s only natural.

Had a great listening day at work. The Cramps “Flame Job” revisit turned into a Stooges revisit. Before that I was engulfed in a little Black Sabbath, Paganini Horror, Troll 2, The Vampires Sound Incorporation. I have been really trying to get the most of my ears. That’s what I was hoping would happen with my updated turntable at work. The Electrochrome just couldn’t cut it anymore, scratching my vinyl. The Audio Technica saves, and as I so cleverly like to point out to my coworkers, I have two of these tables. Get me a mixer and a speaker and I’ll do the Christmas party with a healthy mix of Yuletide and reggae.

Last night was a late one. I passed out brainstorming more than once as I updated the pages on the site with new concepts. Before that we got the Satanist, The Devil’s Candy and Witchtrap in. A productive one. I did not get to play around with the new blogging tool ie the tablet. I’m not sure whether I want to commit to the aftermarket keyboard which is keeping me from feeling truly connected to the device, so I end up feeling like I can’t… even… touch the fuckin’ thing. It’s all in my head. We’ll see if I can break on through to the other side and begin to customize it.

I have started creating music again. This needs to last. I recorded some lyrics and melody using my phone’s voice recorder which should give way to full on songs. The song today was an oldie but a goodie. “Sayonara Means Goodbye (not Hello)”. It’s a concept I came up with over 8 years ago, and was a part of my future alt country project. That doesn’t exist. The Vaudeville Vamps exist. Moving on. The song is now a culty song, something I would describe as desperado music that has an exploitation flair. Lots of blood and murder and sexy. It will need reworking, and the true test of this whole new process will be whether I am able to competently create a drum part that conveys a song . It’s exciting and just a wee bit scary considering I am brandy new to electronic recording and composition. It’s almost megalomaniacal right now. I want to write every morning on my way to work, and so I actually may do just that. Day two tomorrow. Hoping I can squeeze a raunchy, jaunty tune out.

DATE: 3/20/2017 - First Day of Spring (How fitting)

The daily journal of Doc Terror starts now. This is a regular log of the creature creating in his natural habitat. I remember that when I was in grammar school we kept a daily journal. I would use these large red notebooks, stay up all night writing in them. They had three hole punches, a soft cover, lined paper. They were cheap and perfect for late night writing. And I would write all night while watching movies or reruns of the Adam West as Batman. I'd catch up on the Horror movies I had taped on my VCR the night before. I was doing then what I am, in a sense, trying to recreate now only with focus. 

I've been thinking about all of those moments lately. I come out like a regular Henry Beamis without time, and now there feels like there is time. I actually know that that is not true. There's no more time now. I know because I still have a beautiful family that needs me. My energy makes me feel like there's time. The lack of intensive chemo treatments keep me in Uranium 235 of energy (pick a better element and isotope, I'm too lazy to research a good one). I feel like a madman engaging a project, but really I think that creating is healing. I'll heal this way, and if I fail I hope you enjoy some fun Horror hijincks. 

I'll call this my "Mourning Paper" because that's clever. I've wanted to use that for something forever. I have it as a tab on my bookmark bar so that I can hold bookmark links of sites I look at every morning. In all honesty I never use it for that. I have links in there, sure, but I don't open them. They're the big sites anyway. Bloody Disgusting, Fango, Shock Til You Drop... those. The ones that have the news and exclusives. That will go by the wayside, and these thoughts are now my fresh as a daisy mourning. Expect fewer edits, expect limited corrections to grammar. This is a free flow of ideas, queries and concepts. It could begin or end a project. It could yield tremendous boobie shaped fruits. It's something to inspire.

Right now I form the schedule or lineup for a social network of Doc Terror related everything. I create account after account and new projects that will become editorialized columns or, really, programming. A full list of the schedule will be posted as soon as I complete it. It's going to be a mix of creative content in the form of lists, reviews (and not ONLY REVIEWS), multi media posting, new creative content from poetry (really), songs (THE VAUDEVILLE VAMPIRES HAVE OFFICIALLY RETURNED AND THEY ARE ME) and rants. This is a great way to read me. To know me better. Again, you have a question, you ask it. Ask it in the comments section here. Ask it via our contact page (remember that's always "our" contact page never... "my" contact page). 

This should be regularly updated. If you don't see my updating... holler yo' ass at me to get busy livin' already.

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