How to get boss weapons and amulets in Lies of P

Lies of P boss weapons - Alidoro
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It takes a little while before you can accrue an arsenal of Lies of P boss weapons, but they're very strong, especially if you don't want to muck around with crafting and deciding which blade to use with which handle. Each boss weapon has its own unique moveset, and most of them have at least one unique Fable Art that provides a powerful combat ability.

When you defeat major bosses, you'll get Rare Ergo—think of it like a boss soul from Dark Souls or a remembrance from Elden Ring. These special items can be traded for boss weapons if you can resist consuming them, but in classic Soulsborne style, you'll need to find a certain NPC first. That's where this guide comes in.

Here's how to unlock boss weapons in Lies of P, plus all the boss weapons and amulets I've gotten so far.

How to get boss weapons

You won't be able to get boss weapons in Lies of P until you meet Alidoro in St. Frangelico's Cathedral in region IV, and beat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss. You can find Alidoro the treasure hunter once you arrive at the St. Frangelico's Cathedral Library Stargazer:

  • From the Stargazer, head through the stone archway, along the corridor with the zombies, and climb the stairs to kill the gunk-hurling hag enemy on the higher level. 
  • Climb a further flight of stairs to find yourself in a half flooded room with an altar and a statue. 
  • Run down the stairs into the liquid and around the corner through the hole in the wall into the room with the bookcases and balcony. 
  • Take the left staircase up to the next level to get out of the liquid—there's quite a hard-to-kill petrifaction zombie patrolling up here, so be careful.
  • Use the elevator at the far end of the room.
  • Speak to Alidoro on the balcony where you come out.

You'll be given the option to either tell Alidoro about Hotel Krat, or direct him to Venigni Works. I can't say what happens to him if he goes to Venigni Works, but if you tell him about the hotel, you can meet him there after you've beaten Andreus and purchase boss weapons and amulets with your Rare Ergo. It's worth noting that after you beat the Champion Victor in the Grand Exhibition, Alidoro will disappear from Hotel Krat, but you can find him shortly after in the Barren Swamp area.

Lies of P boss weapons and amulets

Since you only get one Rare Ergo when you defeat a major boss, you'll have to decide if you want to purchase either a weapon or an amulet from Alidoro. Here are all of the weapons and amulets I've found so far, plus which Rare Ergo they're associated with:

Parade Leader's Ergo

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  • Seven-Coil Springsword: A greatsword with extendable blades that can cause shockwave with its Fable Art.
  • Dancing One's Amulet: Enables dodging even with low stamina.

Broken Hero's Ergo

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  • Etiquette: It's literally an umbrella. Great if you want to look fancy.
  • Extreme Modification Amulet: Increases weapon attack in proportion to number of Fable Slots.

King's Flame Ergo

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  • Holy Sword of the Ark: This greatsword has an extendable handle that turns it into a glaive.
  • Conquering Amulet: Upon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increases damage inflicted by a weapon attack.

Twisted Angel's Ergo

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  • Trident of the Covenant: A Trident with a Fable Art that lets you rush forward and attack quickly.
  • Nameless One's Amulet: Has a chance of nothing being consumed when using Pulse Cells.

Burnt-White King's Ergo

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  • Puppet Ripper: This scythe has a head attached by a rope, so you can also use it like a whip for charged attacks.
  • Triumvirate Amulet: All Legion Arms' ability tier +1.

Reborn Champion's Ergo

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  • Frozen Feast: A greatsword that can buff its own attack with the Liberate Fable Art.
  • Arm of God Amulet: Temporarily increases physical damage upon a successful attack.
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