Up until now we've used the sidebar to help draw attention to some of your favorites horror sites. We will continue to rotate links to our buddies as well as websites that we would like to highlight.

Please follow the links below to get better acquainted with the horror community. They're your friends, your retail outlets of choice, companies that make great products that we have tested and loved... Let's show our support as well. Link to them. Follow them. Read them and let them know what a great job their doing!

SHIT MOVIE FEST is a Dr. Jimmy favorite. Thomas Bryce brings you all the shit your TV can handle including amazing giveaways, recaps of some of the best events a horror fan might want to attend. Make sure to keep your eyes open for Shitmas every December.

Please check it out HERE and make sure to like Shit Movie Fest's FaceBook page HERE.


EXHUMED FILMS are the four horsemen of 35mm. They are the guys who made me fall in love with 35mm. They are amazing fellas and deserve your respect, your eye and your hard earned cash. Exhumed Films runs double features throughout the year in Philly and several long horror-thons throughout the year. One 24 Hour Horror-thon and you'll be a convert to the 35mm revolution too.

Follow them HERE and on their FaceBook page HERE.
HUDSON HORROR SHOW are friends to the 35mm fan. They put on a half day of horror two times of year featuring a variety of movies that are eclectic but absolutely perfect together. Each show is unique. The company you keep is amazing and they have some truly fun vendors.

Make sure to check out their upcoming schedule HERE and see past shows. We'll be sure to announce any new gigs and report fully on what we see for ourselves.
TOMB IT MAY CONCERN is an outstanding blog for lovers of European cult and classic cinema featuring everything from a love affair with Christina Lindberg to an orgy of Jess Franco articles. You cannot be disappointed if your heart lies just across the pond.

Find David Z.'s writing HERE and follow him on FaceBook HERE.

Cinema for the "Aware" Audience!

*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED writes with the depth and knowledge of a scholar, inside a horror fan, inside a horror philosopher inside a brilliant writer... who really like EVIL DEAD. This kind of detail should be illegal (and is probably banned in 42 countries)

Check 'em out on Facebook HERE and visit the Blog of the Gods HERE.

MORDGRIMM VINLAND is an underground doom and black metal label. Tired of just reading or watching your scaries? You can listen to selections from this US based division of the classic label from Norway bringing awesome music to your ears since 1996.

Go support the label by purchasing discs HERE and follow them on Facebook.
FRIGHT RAGS puts out kick ass horror shirts featuring some of the best artwork this side of cotton! At their merciless hands I have become a t-shirt addict and have paid for their childrens' college by now. Please support their quality product and make yourself a happy horror fan in the process.

Follow Fright Rags on FaceBook HERE and go buy something at their website HERE.

SON OF CELLULOID - Nathan Hamilton is Son of Celluloid! A monster of a blog touching on the greatest that indie horror has to offer from gross out to crying it out, SoC and the Cellmates have it on lockdown.

Be sure to follow the Son of Celluloid HERE and follow on FaceBook HERE.

The Mad Musings of An Unapologetic Horror Freak

VHSPS is the VHS Preserveation Society... that means they make sure you can see movies that haven't made it the great leap to DVD or Blu-ray. Horror fans should be able to see horror movies. VHS fills a gap between where the studios stop caring and where people can take action.

Please support them whenever possible. I love these guys. Like them on Facebook HERE and make your purchases HERE (and visit them at conventions).
FREDDY IN SPACE is a damn fine horror blog that ranges from on point reviews to nostalgia overload and support for the best of the best indie horror has to offer. Written by John Squires (a fucking fine individual), you better be ready for Freddy.

Please follow FiS HERE and on FaceBook HERE.

When a Red and Green Striped Sweater Simply Won't Do.

QUILTFACE STUDIOS designs amazing prints for horror fans. That's it. That's all they do. And probably drink a lot and watch awesome movies. In all seriousness Quiltface creates horror art that you can put on your wall in the form of prints for events and for movies. The product is amazing. My Black Christmas poster still shocks me.

Like 'em on Facebook HERE and visit their site HERE.

WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER SHOW - They've come from 20,000 leagues under the sea to bring you the latest and greatest in pop culture. Join Mike D., Cameron Chiles and the ever changing, ever swirling panel of Bigger Show guests as they discuss all things nerdy and true!

Make sure to enjoy their podcast and like them on Facebok.

TRUTH OR LEGEND is a new reality/documentary style television show project from First Legend Productions. Steven Mayes and Rodd Sutton will hit the road in search of everything from tales of treasure to stories of ghosts, and let you, the audience, decide what is truth and what is legend!

Go check out their website and like them on Facebook.
MANIACS BLOOD is a horror news and website discovery vehicle wrapped up with the best intentions of any horror fan; to share the horror-verse with each and every horror fan. Jerry Vanhorn is the curator and exhibitor at the Blood.

Please enjoy Maniacs Blood HERE.

There's Something in the Blood!

GUTS and GROG - Does somebody need a drink? Meet Eric Martin and his amazing world that is a combination of dark film and good beer (and the widowmaker of Evan Williams). Guts and Grog runs some excellent feature weeks in addition to provide expert in advice in all aspects of horror.

You can enjoy the guts (and the grog) HERE and find them on FaceBook HERE.


FULL MOON REVIEWS is the review site of Freddy Young aka Freddy the Wolf (and you thought Harvey Keitel was badass). Freddy takes a no bullshit approach to reviewing. His expertise should land him near the top of your regularly read reviews.

You can check out Full Moon Reviews HERE and like them on FaceBook HERE.

GRINDHOUSE THEATER is one of the most formidable 35mm supporters in the United States showing a blend of camp classics and horror favorites.
Please take the time to like the Grindhouse Theater FaceBook page HERE so you can see just what they're doing in the Pacific Northwest.

Bringing rare 35mm prints of horror, cult and exploitation films monthly to the Pierce County area of Washington state!

DIABOLIKDVD is run By Film Buffs and Collectors for Film Buffs and Collectors. These guys know there stuff and are my go to source for movies that I just can't live without. Think a horror/cult/exploitation/porn movie is out of print... THINK AGAIN!!!

Please support DiabolikDVD by following them on FaceBook HERE and ordering product HERE.

HOUSE OF MYSTERIOUS SECRETS is a great place to go to support indie horror commerce pick up some great novelties, t-shirts, out of print CD's and posters. HOMS has affordable pricing, great service and the variety that will keep you coming back as a regular customer.

Check out their selection at their website HERE.

CULT COLLECTIBLES bring you classic horror in the form of Weird Wobbler, Bobblehead dolls straight off the TV screen. What you must come to know about these beautiful wobblers that Cult Collectibles sponsors every giveaway you can imagine and does it with love. Their product is gorgeous and their fan base is wide.

Make sure to check them out HERE and like their FaceBook page HERE.

MONDO MACABRO - A fantastic distro company for some of the greatest foreign horror and genre films, Mondo Macabro is a great ally in the horror fan's fight to see it all. You need that rare Jess Franco picture? Well there's a good chance that Mondo just might have it.

Make sure to support them at their website HERE.

The Wild Side of World Cinema!

FASCINATION WITH FEAR looks at the horror-verse from a completely unique perspective; through the eyes of a horror fan on the brink of sanity and loving every minute of it. I'm proud to say that I know Christine Hadden and know that you'll enjoy her writing as well. Take a peak in side... lose your mind!

You can check out Fascination with Fear HERE.

An Obsession With All Things Horror Leads to Wonder About Her Sanity
 BACK ONLINE BACK ON DUTY is Eric King's amazing look into the world of sci-fi, action and horror films. His comedic styling will make you giggle. His team ups with Frank Browning are truly magical and most of all, he's a great writer and a good friend.

Make sure to follow him HERE and like his FaceBook page HERE.

Back Online. Back on Duty. Back to Back!

LAST BLOG ON DEAD-END STREET - Year's ago I did my first recap of the Exhumed Films 24 Hour Horror-thon and in doing research I stumbled across this thorough and fun site that also recapped the Exhumed Films screenings much better than I ever did. I quickly became friends with the writer behind the blog. It's great to hang with him at the horror-thons now and he still updates every so often.

Enjoy his blog HERE and follow him on Facebook HERE.

ROB DIMENSION is one creative motherfucker. That's all I have to say about that. Writes, acts, podcasts and creates brilliant movies as well as one of the first shows I ever reviewed on this here blog. I remember receiving Late Night at the Horror Hotel and being inspired by it. Still am.

Check out Rob's projects HERE.
IT CAME FROM 1980x  is Dr. TERROR's own weekly column on the Liberal Dead featuring movies from the 80's, VHS, movies that could've come from the 80's with a focus on VHSPS.

Follow The Liberal Dead HERE, like them on FaceBook HERE. Also follow It Came From 1980x on TUMBLR HERE

Keep your heads clean!

TAVERN OF TERROR  is a friend who specializes in old school horror. VHS and the like.

Cool Liquor. Cult Horror. The horror bar that reviews scary movies and suggests what alcohol to enjoy with them.

Find them on FaceBook HERE

Visit their blog proper HERE.

ULTRA TRASH - Say hello to the new name in Grindhouse innovation. Fake movie T-shirts done in "straight out the deuce" grit and grime style capturing some of your favorite iconic imagery from the 70's and 80's cult cinema classics with catchy titles and bad ass designs. They're straight outta Germany.

Go buy some apparel HERE

GRINDHOUSE RELEASING - The company that Sage Stallone built and loved and that gave us something to love in return. Some of the best release of total gore outs come straight from this label. They continue to find and restore classic grind movies (not just horror mind you) that are in need of a facelift.

Make sure to check out their catalog HERE and like them on Facebook HERE

VINEGAR SYNDROME is one of the good guys. This is a company that's sole mission is to take movies that are in desperate needs of restoration and promotion, popular or complete cult crazy, and bring them back from the land of vinegar. Their double features are incredible and they put out a damn fine archival Blu-ray too.

Check them out on Facebook HERE and enjoy their catalog HERE.
SEVERIN FILMS puts out some our favorite cult mondo trasho releases. They've been going strong for some time though not as much going on in recent years. Continue to collect trade and support their artistic vision of what strong DVD release should be. They've been kind enough to offer us the occasional movie to revie and we will let you know if we hear anything new from these fellas.

Purchase Severin Films releases HERE.

ROTTEN COTTON  knows how to take iconic images from obscure horror pictures and put the on a very comfortable T-shirt that is rugged enough for this Doctor, won't fade and truly makes a statement with the two or three tone simplicity.

Make sure to check them out on Facebook HERE and order from them HERE.

THEATER OF GUTS - For some absolutely hilarious images and trailers to the well versed horror gore addicts tribute to Chas Balun, this group of rogue bloggers knows how to leave a lasting impression and create quite a stir.

Check them out on Facebook HERE.

Visit their page HERE.

CRITICAL OUTCAST - Thoughtful reviews from a guy who enjoys writing and watching movies. You know a horror fan when you see one, and the Critical Outcast goes from convention to horror-thon to late night movie to internet sharing the movies he loves.

Check Critical Outcast out HERE.

FOLLOWING YOUR FEARS - Movie reviews and commentary from experience horror watchers, Following your Fears has an accessible writing style and format to allow you to get the info you need for the movies they hope you'll love.

Check them out on Facebook HERE and on the web HERE.

CELLULOID TERROR - A blog dedicated to reviewing, and ranting and raving about horror, exploitation and cult movies of all kind. Their mission: To get you to watch the good stuff and crap on the bad stuff.

THE LIBERAL DEAD is my home away from home when I'm not parading around as some half cocked doctor with his dick and keyboard in his hands. 

Follow The Liberal Dead HERE, like them on FaceBook HERE and make sure to follow the Liberal Dead' Podcast HERE

Of the Fans. By the fans. For the fans. 

THE LAIR OF FILTH from the incredible reviewer Jude Felton will set you straight on just about any genre film you could possibly want to enjoy. I hold is opinion in high regard. He loves horror. He's an amazing writer. He's a great friend.

You can follow The Lair HERE and follow on FaceBook HERE.

Peddling Horror and Filth Since 2008

SCREAM FACTORY is changing the lives of horror fans and acclimating them to a new medium, the Blu-ray. Far from the VHS of yor, the discs put out by this company are fan favorites, beloved and deserving of being in any collection.

Make sure to pre-order and enjoy the inventory of Scream Factory HERE, and follow them on Facebook HERE.

SYNAPSE FILMS has put out some amazing material over the years. Everything from Hammer classics, to Italian gore to cult classics that needed an upgrade. They've been ever supportive of this site, and we encourage you to support them as well.

You can follow them on Facebook HERE. Check out their website HERE.

Check 'em out on the web HERE and on Facebook HERE.

RADIATION-SCARRED REVIEWS is a place to go when you're feeling like maybe you've had a bit too much toxic sludge to drink and need an awesome B or Z grade flick to chase it all down. Bill is a funny guy who knows his schlock as well as his scholarly films.

Enjoy him responsibly HERE and like him on Facebook.

MAVEN'S MOVIE VAULT OF HORROR is a friend to the Dead Air podcast crew and a friend of mine. Thorough reviews with expertise and a unique perspective written by a guy who just loves movies so damn much you can feel it.

Check 'em out on the site HERE and follow him on Facebook.
DOLLAR BIN HORROR - You remember the dollar bin, right? That's the place where most of us found our love for cheesy, shit horror that only we understand why we like it (and fuck you if you don't). Well, one person's trash is another person's exploitation classic. Come check out Dollar Bin Horror and their radio show Dollar Bin Horror Radio HERE.

Also make sure to like their Facebook page.

3S HORROR - Slashers, Starlets and Sleaze... three of the S's I live by. Well they also happen to be embodied in this review site that gets it right. Featuring reviews of all the latest releases and a few classics too, this is a great place to stop if you need some advice.

Check 'em out HERE.

HAYES HUDSON'S HOUSE OF HORROR - Need to know what movies are going to drop during any given week? Wanna know if they're any good? Haye's Hudson's House of Horror is a great place to visit with new releases and figure out where your precious pennies are going for your next DVD/Blu-ray haul.

Check them out HERE and give them a like on Facebook HERE.

TALES FROM THE BATCAVE focuses on  Horror, Movies, Comics, Video Games, Music, Hockey....all brought to you from the murky depths of my feeble mind... and a friend of ours.

Make sure to like thier Facebook page and visit their site HERE.

EXPLOITATION RETROSPECT (aka ER) began as a drive-in movie zine in 1986. Over the course of 14 years and 50 issues our coverage grew to include garage rock, trash TV, video games, porn and much more. The ER website launched in the mid-90s and a blog and Twitter feed have been added in recent years. 2012 saw the re-launch of our print edition and issue #52 is slated for release in the Fall of 2013.

Go follow them on Facebook HERE and visist their website to pick up the latest issue HERE.

THE LIGHTNING BUG'S LAIR has hundreds of in depth reviews. Over 4 years of madness. The Lightning Bug's Lair brings genre film to life!

Stop on by and see what lights up. Check out the site HERE and like their Facebook page HERE.

HORROR MOVIE DIARY is the exquisite writings of a weird but nice movie-geek from AUSTRIA (Europe) who
(a) is totally addicted to everything horror,
(b) loves to watch anything horror-related (as well as all kinds of non-horror stuff) and
(c) enjoys to write about it in mediocre English. (his words not mine)

Make sure you check out Maynard's Diary HERE.

TATTOOED STEVE'S STORAGE UNIT OF TERROR is the blog of a great friend and local New Jersey horror fiend. He tells it like it is. He loves horror and... he's tattooed like a motherfucker. That means you should check out his site.

Visit him on Facebook HERE and a enjoy the Storage Unit HERE.
THE HORROR OF IT ALL runs down classic horror movies with reviews, jokes and insight into the things that creep us all out.

Check it out HERE.

THE MOON IS A DEAD WORLD is the procurer of an amazing theme month called Mayoween. Hosts an excellent October celebration of blogging and creates good horror fun for all you fiends out there. Make sure to stop by and find out just how dead the moon really is (and how it might be considered a world).

Stop by their Facebook page and also enjoy the site HERE.

VOODOO ROB'S HELLBILLY HOLLYWOOD is written by a southern born hellbilly and hoodoo nut living in Hollywood. Hellbilly Hollywood - write-ups, reviews, and random info on horror, sleaze, and grindhouse. From movies to video games to comics to trailers to music, HH covers it all.

Check 'em out HERE.

CHOPPING MALL is a Tumblr page that is perfectly honest with those who stop by to peruse the images posted.

"Cool horror movie related things to waste your money on. "

Stop by and check 'em out HERE.

THE B-MOVIE FILM VAULT is Fighting the Good Fight for B-Movie Lovers! That's their moto, and they do it well. Make sure you stop by and enjoy their content.

Website HERE. Facebook HERE.

YOU KNOW YOU'RE CERTIFIABLE  is a newer blog detailing the exploits of a lady who like to "escape from the asylum" to venture into the great big horror verse to experience bits of horror and life and whatever goes bump in her brain.

Take a second to enjoy her intriguing format HERE. This is good fun, and I wish her the best on her new adventure (and every adventure out of the asylum).

GOBLINHAUS AND GOBLINHAUS RECORDS sell amazing items from yesteryear from magazines to old costumes to toys and new music from upcoming horror artists. Make sure to give them a listen. Great pricing!

Check out their wares HERE. Make sure to stop back often for frequent updates and new items.

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