Introducing, for the first time on this stage or any other, a HORROR Host for a generation that does not want or realize that it NEEDS A HORROR HOST...

From the bowels and brains of American International to the rib cage and eye sockets of Amicus, Dr. James Terror will write your eyes shut with, well... TERROR!!! (and perhaps a bit of camp now and again for flavor). The focus of DOCTERROR.COM is to enjoy and shape the horror-verse for the horror community. We review a variety of horror and science fiction titles with a focus on positive or constructive reviews meant to guide the audience rather than create a negative environment. You'll find news articles, retrospectives, lists, faux movies and faux video games as well as giveaways and tributes.

In addition to writing your eyes shut on DOCTERROR.COM you can find Dr. Jimmy over on The Liberal Dead He is a former contributor toThe Blood Sprayer and a current co-host on Dead Air and Dead Already as well as many different retrospective series podcasts. He is currently co-host of the HorrorSexy podcast which you can listen to on SoundCloud. You can also follow along at Jimmy Terror's personal SoundCloud for updated playlists and reposts of some of his favorite daily listening tunes.

DOCTERROR.COM started off as Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors was named after the Amicus film from the 1960's. Doc Terror (Dr. Jimmy) is a current and former judge of the Killer Film Festival. He is a former contestant and current judge of the Halloween Horror Movie Marathon MADNESS FaceBook moving watching competition. Doc Terror is not THAT Dr. Terror from England who was a horror host (but we do love him). Doc Terror is not the villain from The Centurions (at least not this Dr. Terror). 

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